Welcome to Thermal Valley's Pilot Blog.  This Blog is a forum to update  the flying community on Thermal Valley's progress and to help connect  hang glider pilots around the Lenoir, NC area. 

Update January 18, 2018

Our 2017 season has been our best ever.  We flew more tandems, had more solo tows, and increased our staff during the busiest time.  We purchased a scooter towing system and was approved for insurance.  This was a huge accomplishment for Thermal Valley.  We have purchased several "winch" gliders including our newest North Wing sky surfer nicknamed "Jenny." 

In 2018, our goal is to train at least 5 new HG pilots to the hang 1 level and have at least 2 fly their first solos with us.  Thermal Valley will be investing in more advertising through billboards, digital media and having public presentations.  We had an excellent artist (Megan Blackburn) re-work our logo and theme caricatures.  See them below.

 Thermal Valley will also continue to fly through the winter months when the weather allows. This coming weekend will be our first tandem towing session we have flown in January.  Yeah!

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