Welcome to Thermal Valley's Pilot Blog.  This Blog is a forum to update  the flying community on Thermal Valley's progress and to help connect  hang glider pilots around the Lenoir, NC area. 

    Winter is our season to reflect on the fun we had last season and to dream of  the beautiful days of soaring to come ​in the spring.  Our Dragonfly is cozy in the hangar until she is needed in April.  But our pilots, are restless and eager for the days to turn warm and the air to get right.  

    We have occupied our pilots and ground crew with some upgrades and improvements in our facilities and equipment.  As well as doing  a few fun advertising trade shows and public events.  Anything to keep them from missing the sky so much!

    It is February, which is love month, so we are running a special on our Gift Certificates. So everyone with an adventurous sweetheart can buy that extra-special Valentine's Day gift.  Right now our 2000 foot flight Gift Certificate is on sale for $150 (Regular price is $185!).  That is just for a limited time so buy up while they  last!

    We anticipate a great upcoming season beginning April 1st!  We are excited that this year Craig, our main tandem pilot and boss of operations, is going to retire from his regular career to focus more fully on his flying with Thermal Valley.  So check back often, we will keep you up to date with wonderful things coming this year.

       We are already taking reservations for weekends starting in April, 2017.   So if you are ready to plan a flight with us, visit our schedule page.  When our season opens,  weekends fill up quickly especially around holidays.  And remember that one of the greatest gifts you can give is the gift of an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

    We can't wait to see you this Spring out at Foothills.  We hope you will plan a flight with us and experience the joy of "Free Flight"!
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