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Liam and Craig
About Us:

Thermal Valley is a family owned and operated business created to promote the wonders of hang gliding and facilitate free flight experiences. We want to inspire a new generation of soaring pilots.  

Pictured to the right is Liam and Craig Pearson.  Craig (dad) is Thermal Valley's president, tug pilot, tandem pilot, and recently added light sport CFI for airplanes.  Liam is an aspiring future pilot and has flown all our craft.  Liam is ground crew and general ground support.
larry sitting in Hoston
Meet Larry Falls (right)
Thermal Valley's lead tug pilot really enjoys flying the dragonfly and takes every opportunity to get a tandem.  Larry is a fantastic aviator with plenty of experience including flying on Naval aircraft carriers.    
Meet Marc Plemmons (left)
Marc grew up around hang gliding and witnessed aero-towing in its infancy.  Marc loves to fly planes and gliders.  
Meet Thermal Valley's co owner

Laura Pearson is part owner and chief supporter. Laura has many challenges in home schooling our two children and maintaining her veterinarian skills. Laura is pictured on the right with her husband / pilot Craig.  We call Laura "Boss" on the radio. Laura takes reservations, greets our patrons, ensures all the paperwork is done and helps ground crew.   
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larry sitting in Hoston
Meet Rich Westmoreland 
​Rich joined our team recently as an experienced and well seasoned advanced tandem aero tow instructor.  Recently flying for Kitty Hawk Kites out of Beaufort, NC.  Rich hopes to further his experiences flying hang gliders as Thermal Valley's sponsored sport class competitor and will also play a key role this winter  in helping to establish a ground and training hill program. Also pictured flying with Rich is:
Olivia Postell
Olivia gives our students their pre flight orientation and is our top sales associate. ​